Friday, November 16, 2012

Film Festival

On Wednesday we went over to the Manaiakalani Film Festival at the movies. We went on a bus but I didn't go with my class I went with room7. We had a child from room1 to look after but I didn’t have one so we went down to the bus we got on, then we left.

When we got to the theatre I went to the top, I was one of the lucky people because we got big chairs. I saw Oscar, he said to me to come and sit with him so I did, I was one of the lucky people.

After that I saw Ezra looking for a seat so I told
him to come and sit next to me and Oscar. There
was a button that you push and the chair goes up or down.

The movies started, it went dark and Mr Coakley came up and said “welcome everyone” he told us to enjoy the movies and don’t move out of our seats when the movies are finished. When Mr Coakley finished saying his speech the lights went off, it was very dark and fun when it was starting.

The movie I liked the best was Room 7’s because I liked the song they sang, which they also wrote themselves.

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