Friday, June 29, 2012

God Summative Assessment

Write true or false next to these.....  
A covenant is a beautiful song in praise of God. - true xFalse 
God promised to be the God of the People of Israel. - true ✔ 
The people promised to worship and obey God. -true ✔ 

Highlight the line with the best ending the sentence....... 
When the people failed to keep their Covenant with God (Te Atua)..... 
God turned away from them. 
God renewed the Covenant with them again and again.✔ 

Abraham and Sarah kept the covenant with God (Te Atua)....... 
by following Jesus. 
by obeying God and worshipping God.✔ 

Match column one with column two. 
God calls people to forgive one another ✔ 
People are to respond to God’s call with faith and God is always faithful✔ 
When reconciled to one another people’s tapu and mana are restored✔ 

Please complete these sentences. 
To believe in God (Te Atua) means having faith in God✔ 
With the help of the Holy Spirit children could build up the Kingdom or Reign of God by following the ten commandments✔

Pigeon Inpossible

They was a man walking down the street call pigeon impossible he was going to sit down with the donut but a bird came over and stand on the chair. And then Pigeon Impossible do you want my do you want my donut. But the bird flew to his face and then Pigeon Impossible fell down and then the bird flew into the box .And he using his beak to push the button and then the big red button pop up and he look at it and then he went over to the big red button and push it three time and he moved to the side and he was controlling the box .And when pigeon impossible got up the box was going to him and then box was going closer and closer to Pigeon impossible moved to the side and then the box went after a laddie and the lady was running .and it stop after that the box was shooting pigeon impossible and then pigeon went at the back of the shop later on the box fly up in the air and came back and starting shooting pigeon and then the final the box and the bird came down .And the bird open up the box and then pigeon said do you want the donut and then the bird fly out and stand on the box and then pigeon whacked the bird with the donut in his hand and then it flew out of the box and then the donut was in the air .And then it came back down and then it hit the big red button and the big rocket flew into the air and then pigeon rush to shoot the rocket. but the bird came again to him. he wanted the donut when pigeon was flying pigeon chuck the donut. And then pigeon shoot the rocket.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Imagination story

There was a boy called Sam and his mum said to him to go outside and dig a hole at the back yard, so he did. He went to the garage to get his spade and after that he went over to the back yard and he was digging deeper and deeper. Suddenly a big wind blew him into the hole. He fell way down into the hole until he landed on a chocolate house. After that he was looking around and the only thing he saw was the chocolate house and buildings, shops and trees. Sam saw a village called Chocolate Land and the houses were all made of Chocoloate.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TE Atua Title Page

For the rest of the term we are going to be looking at GOD in religious education.God is a healer and blesses us.God is also our creator. The Maori name for God is Te Atua

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

gilitter Art

We did koru art and we also used a bit of  information from Rueben Paterson’s art. I enjoyed painting because it was fun. I found the glitter difficult because I coloured in all my painting with pastels so Miss G got the glitter and tipped it on my little koru I drew. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Howick Historical Village

My favourite thing from our trip to Howick Historical Village was when we did the trolley, it was a bit hard. Our group went to look at the instructions.

After that we came back and carried on with our work. We got the big board and put two other pieces of wood next to it and then we put a screw and a washer in the holes. We did the next step, it said to put the meat poles into the wheel holes and then we put the pIns in the wheels so the wheels didn’t fall off. I told Andrew we were finished now and he said “yes” we were finished!

I found it easy because we had Andrew to help and I liked it because it was fun and cool.