Friday, August 31, 2012

X Country Recount

On a beautiful day we had X country it was at St Pius X Catholic School. There were mums, dads and brothers also Nana's there watching the children race.  

When it was our turn I told frank “lets jog” and he said “yeah” and off we went. When we started the people in our race were running and me and Frank were jogging.  When they got down the hill they were puffed out and me and frank went past them. I said to Frank “let’s run a little or Mr Coakley will catch us on the way” so we ran then me and frank were tired so we jogged again.

When we were almost at school we ran and crossed the finish line and sat down at the same time and we came 4th. Mr Gaffeny said to go to Mrs William and Mrs William said “what did you come?” to me and Frank and me and Frank said “we came 4th“ and after that we went to sit down. I said to Frank “Frank we made it” and he said “yeah we did” and me and frank were so happy.

I liked the x country because me and frank came 4th.

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