Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Oktapodi was are short film and funny they film at Greece. The characters are Oktapodi and his girlfriend and the man.

The film is about two octopus’ and they were in are petshop. And Oktapodi was with his girlfriend in the tank. A man came over and took Oktapodi girlfriend and put her in a box and took her. Oktapodi went after the van and then the man started the van. After that Oktapodi jumped high and he was on the back of the van and after that he to the window and the man push Oktapodi. Oktapodi girlfriend pulled the brake and the man banged his head on the window.flew Oktapodi and his girlfriend flew out of the van. After that Oktapodi got back up and jumped in the pool and the man we after them. The man van luckily fell over to the beach and the 2 octopus’ got away. Suddenly a bird took Oktapodi and so now Oktapodi girlfriend has to go and rescue him.

I like the film because the bird took Oktapodi and his girlfriend had to go and rescue him.

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